“Cindy Stuart is just what the Clerk’s Office needs in these difficult times. She’s smart, tough and compassionate, traits that will serve her well in this job. I started my 50-year political career as a School Board member myself, and I know how challenging it is to balance the needs of a system the size of Hillsborough’s. Cindy’s public service also started as a School Board member. With Cindy at the helm, I know I will leave the Clerk’s Office in good hands.”

Pat Frank
Current Clerk of Circuit Court, Hillsborough County


Our judicial system depends on strong partnerships to succeed. Cindy is exactly the kind of public servant we need as Clerk of the Court: strong, fair-minded and focused on getting the job done. Cindy’s attention to detail, ability to find solutions and maintain transparency with the Clerk’s office will allow her to bring strong positive customer experience to all entities that engage the office.”

Julianne M. Holt
Public Defender, 13th Judicial Circuit


Cindy Stuart’s dedication to our community is uncompromising. She has made a tremendous impact on our disadvantaged areas because fairness and social justice guide her every decision. Her attention to detail, strong ethics, fiscal responsibility and natural ability to problem solve, allow me to lend my highest endorsement. She is a prime choice for Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court.”

Addison Davis
Superintendent of Schools, Hillsborough County


I am confident Cindy Stuart will be a Clerk of the Court for all people, not just the powerful and well-connected. She will always put the customer first, and do the right thing for the right reason. As elected officials, we are judged by how we treat the most vulnerable among us, and Cindy has a proven track record in that regard.”

Les Miller
Chairman, Hillsborough County Commission

“During her eight years of service on the Hillsborough School Board, Cindy Stuart proved to be a solution-driven advocate for students and families, bringing much needed resources for our district and community through her collaborative approach. She has a heart for improving the quality of life of everyone. These qualities and more make her the right choice for Hillsborough Clerk of Court.”

Jeff Eakins
Former Superintendent of Schools, Hillsborough County

“I admire the no-nonsense approach Cindy Stuart has taken in eight years as a Hillsborough School Board member. She is practical, pragmatic and always reaching to find a middle ground to solve whatever problem she faces. I look forward to working with her to address the challenges facing Hillsborough County government in these difficult times.”

Kimberly Overman
Hillsborough County Commissioner

“Having served with Cindy for two years on the School Board, I know firsthand that she has the integrity and skills we need to lead the Clerk’s Office during these difficult times. She will provide strong and steady leadership to ensure that customer service and sound financial judgment are front and center. I can’t think of a better person to continue the progress Pat Frank has made as Clerk.”

Karen Perez
Hillsborough County School Board

“When the going gets tough, we need elected officials who will do the right thing for the right reason. That’s why Cindy Stuart is my choice for Clerk of the Circuit Court. She will always put customers first, just as she put the interests of students and parents at the forefront of everything she did during eight years on the Hillsborough School Board.”

Susan Valdes
State Representative

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