Cindy’s Commitment to our Children

Four years ago, I started my work with the School Board by asking our citizens what they wanted to see happen in our schools. Parents, teachers, students and the business community, responded. They let me know the issues that mattered and together we’ve worked hard to make some important changes. However, there are still a lot of changes to be made. I want to continue to bring my constituents the progress they expect.

  • Promote curricula and techniques that will drive our students’ academic success and personal growth
  • Stay engaged with my community.

  • Foster ways for parents to be active in their children’s education.
  • Demand greater fiscal accountability and support independent audits.

  • Treat teachers with respect and seek their perspectives on new ideas and solutions to our problems.
  • Fund technology and implement best practices on using that technology to teach our students so they can compete in a global economy.
  • Protect students as if they were my own children.

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